Mixed Crop Farm Production Foreman

Agriculture is a key contributor to South Africa’s economy, people and culture with crop production accounting for approximately 52% of agricultural production. Crop production in South Africa is highly diverse, including grains, cereals, vegetables, fruit, nuts, flowers, fuel and fibre. Sustainable farming practices such as growing more than one crop variety simultaneously in the same field, also known as mixed crop production, enables more profitable and effective production, increasing yield stability, resource efficiency and minimising the risk of pest infestation.

Mixed crop farm production foremen oversee, coordinate and perform farming operations to grow a range of crops. They supervise the planting, fertilizing, watering, cultivating and harvesting procedures of two or more types of crops and monitor and adjust processes according to the different crop requirements. They also maintain farm facilities and equipment, ensuring production needs are met. Some also monitor market trends to determine the best type and quantity of crops to grow.

Mixed crop farm production foremen can work with agronomists, soil scientists and other professionals in the production of crops. They tend to work between farm fields and offices, working longer hours during busy harvesting periods.


Mixed crop farm production foremen require knowledge of varied crop types and their associated production requirements and health and safety standards of a farm, coupled with:

  • Good organisational and planning ability
  • Ability to troubleshoot basic machinery issues
  • Effective communication skills
  • Physical stamina and strength


Plan and coordinate production of mixed types and quantities of crops

Sow seeds, plant seedlings and maintain and harvest crops

Maintain farm building structures, equipment and water supply systems

Assist in arranging the sale, purchase and transportation of produce and supplies


B.Sc. in Crop Science or Plant Production at NWU, Univen, Unizulu and UP

B.Sc.Agric. in Crop or Plant Science at SU, UFH, UFS and UKZN

Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Agriculture specialising in Crop Production at CPUT, MUT, TUT and UMP

They can also benefit from a Diploma or National Certificate in Primary Agriculture in Plant Production at National Qualifications Framework Levels 1 to 4 at agricultural colleges and most Technical and Vocational Education and Training Colleges. Training could also take place on the job with mentoring by an experienced farm foreman.


National and provincial government.

Commercial and small-scale farms.

Agricultural cooperatives.

Research institutions.

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