Agricultural Farm Manager

South African agriculture contributes approximately 2.4% to the national economy and is especially essential for food security, employment and the supply of raw materials to other sectors. The everyday decisions and management of farming operations has the potential to not only maximise profits but also promote effective sustainable farming methods to meet future domestic and production needs.

Agricultural farm managers plan, direct and coordinate production and other activities on crop or livestock farms. They maintain finance, operation, production and employment records as well as prepare budgets and the sale, storage and transportation of products. They also inspect and analyse crops or livestock to determine prime harvesting time or breeding schedules and address all plant and livestock diseases and illness.

Agricultural farm managers can work closely with agricultural scientists, engineers and economists to ensure production targets are met. They tend to work between farm fields and offices, working longer hours during busy harvesting periods.


Agricultural farm managers must have the ability to practically apply agricultural theory and knowledge and have a robust understanding of agricultural markets and activities. They may also benefit from: 

  • Extensive managerial experience
  • Strong financial management and knowledge of market trends 
  • Understand agricultural and labour legislation and regulations
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills


Direct and coordinate farm operations and worker activities 

Inspect and analyse crops and livestock for harvest, sale and activity adjustments

Establish and manage budgets, monitoring economic activity for challenges and opportunities 

Confer with buyers to arrange for the sale of crops and livestock


B.Sc., B.Sc. (Hons), M.Sc. in Agriculture at NWU, SU, UFS, UFH, UKZN, UL, UMP, UNISA, Univen, Unizulu and UP

B. Agric., B. Agric. (Hons), M. Agric. in Agricultural Management at UFS and UKZN

Diploma, Advanced Diploma, M.Tech in Agriculture at CPUT, MUT, TUT and UMP

Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Agricultural Management at CPUT, CUT, NMU and UNISA


Commercial farming organisations. 

Agricultural cooperatives.

Private farming companies.

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