Landscape Architect

Two thirds of South Africa’s population live in cities, characterised by dense living and interactions. Green open spaces in cities come at a very high premium and have the merits of supporting spiritual, physical and emotional wellbeing. They also have the potential to improve air quality, reduce urban heat and enable carbon sequestration. In response to these opportunities, landscape architecture involves the design of green open spaces, landmarks and structures to achieve sustainable, functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces.

Landscape architects advise on, plan and design the construction of public, urban, residential and rural landscapes. They survey a site and conduct preliminary environmental impact assessments and proceed to develop designs based on the projects requirements. They procure the services of relevant contractors and monitor progress, advising on any changes that need to be made. Some can assist in the restoration or regeneration of natural or heritage landscapes and public open spaces.

Landscape architects work closely with landscape gardeners and often consult town planners, surveyors, engineers and other professionals. They work in an office environment drafting designs as well as travel to sites to plan or monitor projects.


Landscape architects require a solid understanding of architectural principles and spatial and aesthetic awareness and knowledge of plants, soils, water processes and climate, coupled with:

  • Strong creative and problem-solving skills
  • Creative design and architectural ability
  • Extensive planning and organisational competence
  • Significant attention to detail


Design and present detailed landscape projects and plans

Conduct preliminary assessments of a site to determine specifications

Manage, conduct and monitor work on-site

Liaise with clients and other stakeholders


B.Sc. in Landscape Architecture at UP

B.Arch.Stud. specialising in Landscape Architecture at UCT

B.LA. (Hons), M.LA. at UCT and UP

Diploma in Landscape Architecture at CPUT

Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Landscape Technology at TUT

Diploma, Advanced Diploma, M.Tech in Architectural Technology at DUT and NMU


Provincial and local government.

Architectural firms.

Building contractor and construction companies.

Research institutions.

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