Land Use Planner

Over 66% of South Africa’s population live in urban areas which continue to attract large parts of the population. Adequately addressing the development and regeneration of land, infrastructure, transport, services, waste management and other expanding urban and rural needs requires careful consideration, particularly to tackle fractured land systems and inherited spatial disparities in South Africa. Land use planning plays a pivotal role in regulating the use and development of land and its individual components to create equitable, healthy and sustainable living environments.

Land use planners develop long and short-term plans for land use, identifying areas that require growth, maintenance and renewal. They plan the layout of developments, recommending the implementation of roads, building of schools, clinics and other infrastructure. They liaise with landowners, interest groups and citizens around planning policies and procedures. Land use planners also monitor relevant legislation and make recommendations in policy development and provide guidelines on land use, environmental conservation, housing and transportation.

Land use planners often engage with developers, communities and specialists in engineering, architecture, social science and the environment around land use projects. They work in an office, occasionally conducting field investigations to analyse factors contributing to the development or decline of a land area.


Land use planners must have a thorough knowledge of land use trends and patterns, urban spatial designs and an understanding of socio-ecological and economic spatial relationships. They can also benefit from:

  • Excellent creative problem-solving ability
  • Mapping and land use planning ability
  • Understanding of land use policies and regulations
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills


Plan the layout and coordinate the development of urban and other land use areas

Research and report on current and historical spatial relationships

Review proposals for developments ensuring compliance with regulations

Consult with landowners, interest groups, citizens and stakeholders


B.Sc., B.Sc. (Hons), M.Sc. in Urban and Regional Planning at NWU and Wits

B., B. (Hons), M. in Urban and Regional Planning at UFS, UJ, UKZN, UP and Univen

Diploma, Advanced Diploma, MTech in Town and Regional Planning at CPUT and DUT


National, provincial and local government.

Property development firms.

Research institutions.

Private consultancies.

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